About Us

What we do

We develop bespoke, client-centric product presentations for hospitality and retail. From fine dining restaurants and cocktail bars to casual cafes and corporate banqueting, we develop solutions that are fit-for-purpose, visually appetising and a step beyond the ordinary.

Our approach

We know that everyone’s needs are different, which is why our approach is different. We pride ourselves on our close collaboration, immersing ourselves in your business and brand to help you realise your vision. We also think differently, leading the way in innovation, design and creativity.

Why we matter to you

Merchandising is more than just necessity. Executing a seamless, beautifully displayed food service experience wins the hearts and minds of customers, engenders brand trust, loyalty and drives profits. At Especial our eye for presentation is combined with practical know-how and commercial sensitivity, delivering results that matter, where they count.

Our products

We work with thousands of global suppliers and manufacturers across all categories, from buffet and banqueting to fine ceramics, glassware and cutlery. If it’s out there, we have our hands on it. 

With an emphasis on design, craft and function, we work closely with artisan brands and makers, scouting the globe to find the most innovative boutique labels and source exclusive items. Our collections are uniquely diverse in scope and our commitment to finding the new and lesser-discovered means that, with Especial, you’ll have access to products you simply won’t find elsewhere.