Our Story

“I launched Especial almost two decades ago with one ambition: to marry distinguished design with operational excellence. I watched as owners and operators in the food service and retail industries struggled to find the products that worked for them and knew we could deliver. I saw the lack of creativity and vision and knew that we could provide it. I saw the same cookie-cutter approach, that didn’t take into account the unique needs of every client, and knew we could offer solutions.

Today Especial is the leading supplier of catering wares and specially designed products in the sector. But we don’t just assemble collections, we curate them, working with a host of international partners, big and small. We understand that food is what connects you to your customers and so build the strongest bridge possible between the two, helping you to cement relationships and boost profits. We take on the task of making food look fabulous so it’s not just presented, but proudly presented.”

Sam Crocker, CEO, Especial

Born in Britain, Catering to the World

Especial is a renowned British brand with a studio and showroom in the heart of Gloucestershire. But while our heritage and local roots run deep, we are a dynamic company with a truly international outlook. We work with clients and partners around the globe, from elsewhere in Europe to the Middle East, and apply our highly cultivated experience in different markets to delivering outcomes that connect with your audience and represent your brand. We were born in Britain and cater to the world.