Our Values




We believe in leading the industry to do better which is why we strive to purchase products that have been manufactured by companies that demonstrate environmentally sound methods and policies. We are committed to working with our suppliers to ensure that the welfare of workers - and labour conditions within our supply chain - meet or exceed recognised standards. And we recognise the business benefits of having a diverse community of employees, which is why we foster and maintain an environment that encourages this diversity.

Some of the steps we take

- We store and distribute products in the most environmentally friendly way possible and recycle all office and warehouse waste where we're able.
- We use vehicles with the most up-to-date energy management systems, or hybrid vehicles, to distribute our products.
- We use EDI methods for invoicing and communication to reduce our paper consumption.
- We audit manufacturers to ensure that no unacceptable working practices are being employed in the sites used to make products we purchase. This includes child labour, forced labour or intimidation.
- We believe strongly in the principles of social justice and promote an inclusive and supportive working culture for our employees. Our sense of community and robust HR policies ensure that everyone enjoys an environment free from discrimination, equal access to opportunities and support to reach their potential.